TerraNova Partners LP is a multi-disciplined and diversified investment fund focused primarily on private equity investments.



who we are

TerraNova Partners takes a hands-on approach to investing in private operating companies at various stages of development where we can add value and partner with a motivated and committed management team.  We make private equity investments through our fund, and under the right circumstances, we will invest alongside one of our many investment partners.  TerraNova also makes investments in marketable securities where we identify “special situations” that make strategic and financial sense.  TerraNova is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has an office in New York City.


Our Investment Philosophy

TerraNova Partners firmly believes that the success of a company is driven by the strength of the management team and the people within the organization.  This primary characteristic sets apart a great company from merely a good company and it is the foundation of our investment philosophy.

TerraNova excels by investing in companies with “stories” (growth, turnaround, carveouts) and unique investment opportunities.  That is to say, we will not invest just because there is the prospect of earning a good return.  We need to see a real advantage held by a company in its chosen industry and we must also be convinced that the management team, with our support and capital investment, will accelerate their business plan.

TerraNova, through its principals, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and other partners, can also bring added management support to its portfolio companies, enabling them to better manage operations and accelerate growth.


Our Investment Criteria

TerraNova will invest growth capital into companies treasuries or by way of a full or partial buy-out.  We are control investors, whereby in all cases we (along with any financial partners) will hold the majority of the equity of our portfolio companies.  We are generalists, where we look at industrial, financial and business services, healthcare, and alternative materials and alternative energy companies.  We look for businesses that have the ability to use operational leverage to scale and accelerate growth, where we prefer companies that are users (vs. creators) of technology.  TerraNova will only look at resource-related investments where we have longstanding relationships with management with whom we have a high degree of confidence.  In such instances, we do not take a leadership position, but rather take a passive investment role.  We do not invest in real estate, retail, biotech or primary natural resource extraction companies, and we generally do not look at start-ups.